Today in Chris Paul Trade Rumors!

Today in Chris Paul Trade Rumors!


Today in Chris Paul Trade Rumors!

Chris Paul might be traded! Soon! The consistent flow of Chris Paul chatter in the last week feels eerily similar to the Carmelo Anthony prattle last year. I hated that.

According to Yahoo: Chris Paul could get traded to the Golden State Warriors or the LA Clippers! That is, assuming the Warriors or Clippers make a move for Paul’s old teammate in New Orleans, Tyson Chandler. Can you imagine the Clippers with Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin and Tyson Chandler? Um, top three seed in the West, for shizzle.

Chandler is the kicker – if one of those teams signs Chandler, it enhances Paul’s chances of inking a long-term deal. Early indications are that the Clippers – who would trade DeAndre Jordan, Bledsoe, Aminu and a 2012 1st round pick for Paul – are balking at signing Chandler. The Warriors want Chandler, but probably don’t have enough pieces (Stephen Curry and rookie Klay Thompson) to trade for Paul.

The Lakers and Celtics are interested, too, but the offers haven’t blown away New Orleans GM Dell Demps. Houston and Dallas are contenders, too.

According to ESPN (warning, that link is a very clumsy read with one sentence of ESPN reporting contradicting the next sentence of ESPN reporting): The Hornets want Eric Gordon in any trade with the Clippers. The Hornets also have long coveted Curry from the Warriors, but Golden State won’t budge unless CP3 signs a long-term deal. Also,the Lakers supposedly want to trade for both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

An addendum to NBA trade scuttlebutt: Hey ESPN, quit stealing people’s scoops and acting like they are your own!

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