The Dribble Drive, Featuring Bill Cowher's Daughter Dating Duke's Ryan Kelly

The Dribble Drive, Featuring Bill Cowher's Daughter Dating Duke's Ryan Kelly


The Dribble Drive, Featuring Bill Cowher's Daughter Dating Duke's Ryan Kelly

Hey, it’s December. Things are happening fast and furious. Shit is poppin‘. So we pushed your favorite college basketball column on the web to Saturday. It’s a big day for college hoops!

1. Jared Sullinger won’t play (back) against Kansas. What does that mean? The Buckeyes opened as 4.5 point favorites – the Jayhawks are almost never underdogs at Phog Allen – but the line has swung and Kansas is the favorite. The real bummer is we won’t get to see Sullinger vs. Thomas Robinson in a battle of Top 10 2012 NBA draft picks.

2. Your game of the day: Kentucky in its first road test of the season, plays unbeaten Indiana (5:15 CBS). Freshman-on-freshman: Zeller vs. Davis. I like what I’ve seen from Indiana so far, and perhaps in a halfcourt game they are able to hang with the Wildcats … for a half. I’ll pick Kentucky 72, Indiana 61.

3. Ryan Kelly, the 6-foot-11 Duke power forward who likes to shoot 3-pointers, is dating Bill Cowher’s daughter, Lindsay (pictured). CBS mentioned the relationship during the Washington-Duke game earlier today. No luck finding a photo of the happy couple (yet). They went to the same high school.

4.  I did a podcast with Matt Norlander. We talked about the media and a lot of nerdy college basketball stuff. You can listen to it here (3rd one down). To be clear, I’m not anti-efficiency stats. I just don’t see why everyone swears by them or what they mean. I asked Norlander for his three most important efficiency stats last weekend prior to the Marquette/Wisconsin game. Wisconsin had the advantage in all three categories. Naturally, Marquette won the game.

5. Reeves Nelson was suspended from UCLA‘s basketball team by Ben Howland in November, then again earlier this week, and Friday, he was booted from the team. The Bruins are a wreck, and if you see recruits starting to de-commit, I think it’s safe to say Ben Howland’s job could possibly be in jeopardy. The Bruins might not make the NIT this year.

6. Via Kentucky Sports Radio (which got it from the Lexington Herald-Leader) here’s a photo of Wildcats’ freshman star Anthony Davis and actress Ashley Judd.

7. The leading scorer in Division I? Damian Lillard, a 2-star recruit who is averaging 26.2 ppg for Weber State. Yes, the last time anyone talked about Weber State, Harold “The Show” Arceneaux was a star. And yes, I fondly remember when he led the Wildcats to a 76-74 upset win over the Tar Heels in the NCAA tournament.

8. Will Boston College win a game in the ACC this season? I’m not sure it will. Currently: 2-7 with wins over UC Riverside and New Hampshire … by a combined 7 points. Losses include: Holy Cross and Boston University.  Steve Donahue was a terrific coach at Cornell and won in year one at BC with Al Skinner’s players (read: Reggie Jackson), but this year, three of his top four players are freshman. So far, his 2012 recruiting class leaves something to be desired (granted, it’s early). Maybe he’s still getting used to having scholarships to give out.

9. Bummer: Just looked at the upcoming week’s schedule – there isn’t one matchup of two Top 25 teams. I guess the “student-athletes” are taking “finals” or something. Can’t they get tutors to take them like the football players do? The next Top 25 showdowns are Saturday: Louisville vs. Memphis and Texas A&M vs. Florida.

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