It's Tebow's World!

It's Tebow's World!


It's Tebow's World!


Do you believe in miracles? Yes!

Tim Tebow is amazing. He causes guys (Marion Barber) to run out of bounds when they just need to stay in to burn clock. He makes 58 yard field goals (Mike Prater). He forces fumbles (Wesley Woodyard) when the opponent is about to score. He leads offenses that win in overtime with less than 20 points.

I still can’t believe that the NFL did not put Denver and New England as the Sunday Night Football game. It is truly riveting stuff to see just how it’s going to end up where you know it is ultimately going, a Denver close win. The great scripts keep coming. New material every week. I mean, I was totally expecting an onside kick recovery sequel, but the plot twist that went failed onside kick, running back inexplicably running out of bounds to give just enough time to kick a 58 yarder, totally didn’t see that one.

I can’t wait to see how Denver wins the Super Bowl.

Denver 13. Chicago 10.

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