Introducing The Tim Tebow Beer: "Tebrew"

Introducing The Tim Tebow Beer: "Tebrew"


Introducing The Tim Tebow Beer: "Tebrew"

A brewing company in Vail, Colorado has of course come up with a beer to honor Broncos quarterback and renowned professor of life, Tim Tebow. The beer will aptly be known as “Tebrew Sunday Supper.” The label itself is pretty great, particularly the attention to detail in the laces and the spikes on the cleat, but don’t get yourself too giddy just yet because the beer has yet to be officially released.

As Bonfire Brewing has stated, “in the style of 4th quarter heroics, we’re waiting until the last minute to serve it up.” Touche, Bonfire, touche. I’m guessing they are already being flooded with phone calls by frantic Tebow fans attempting to schedule a tasting.

If the company plans on doing any advertising for the beer, perhaps their jingle could be the Stonecutters biting theme song with “Te-Brew, Te-Brew” dubbed over “We do, we do.”

[Via Sharapova’s Thigh, art via Bonfire Brewing]

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