The Sam Hurd Complaint: He Wanted Mexican Cell Phones So the Authorities Couldn't Listen

The Sam Hurd Complaint: He Wanted Mexican Cell Phones So the Authorities Couldn't Listen


The Sam Hurd Complaint: He Wanted Mexican Cell Phones So the Authorities Couldn't Listen

The official Complaint against Hurd filed in Federal Court in Texas is available (h/t: Pro Football Talk). It paints a picture of a guy involved with several individuals, but who wasn’t too bright when it came to his dealings. This Hurd case shows why law enforcement love smart phones and cell phones, regardless of country of manufacture, and shows that while Hurd may have been heavily involved, he didn’t exactly use a lot of safeguards or catch on to the investigation that was targeting him.

Among the lowlights:

  • In July, while still a member of the Dallas Cowboys, Hurd was interviewed by authorities after a bag of money belonging to him was taken into custody. A conspirator of Hurd’s was busted, through a coordinated operation made to look like a routine traffic stop, while driving Hurd’s vehicle, which contained a bag with $88,000 in it. The authorities released the co-conspirator and retained the money, which Hurd then claimed. Hurd told the authorities that he had put the money in the bag and left it in the car, while it was in for maintenance and detailing.
  • In August, authorities received information that Hurd was tied to four individuals taken into custody in California. Text messages on their phones, received from Hurd and his co-conspirator, were consistent with drug trafficking.
  • Hurd spoke with a confidential informant in September, and then again in early December, when Hurd was in Chicago. After multiple conversations, the informant discussed traveling from Texas to Chicago where Hurd was hoping to set up a “long term relationship”.
  • Hurd met the informant yesterday, December 14th, at a restaurant in Chicago, where Hurd stated that he wanted 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine per week, and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week, and was going to pay $25,000 per kilo of cocaine and $450 per pound of marijuana. Doing some quick math, that is a cash outlay of at least $675,000 per week by Hurd.
  • In a humorous note, Hurd inquired of the informant at yesterday’s meeting whether he had access to Mexican cellular telephones, because Hurd believed law enforcement couldn’t listen to Mexican cell phones.
  • At yesterday’s meeting, the informant and another undercover officer presented Hurd with a kilogram of cocaine, and Hurd promised payment after football practice. Hurd was arrested upon leaving the restaurant.

That’s a lot of money per week. That doesn’t even include his claim to the informant that he was distributing another 4 kilograms of cocaine a week in the Chicago area, but needed more suppliers. Sam Hurd’s going away for a while, and it is a matter of who else is going with him. NFL players who have dealt with Hurd better be contacting their lawyers.


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