Here's Our First Glimpse of Craig James Running For Senator

Here's Our First Glimpse of Craig James Running For Senator

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Here's Our First Glimpse of Craig James Running For Senator


Here is our first glimpse of Senatorial candidate Craig James. Steering incongruous stimuli toward a handful of vapid talking points, he sounds quite similar to lazy football analyst Craig James. He has a “passion for preserving America.”

Besides the stereotypical “Washington is off its rails” and “Government has a role, but not to mandate and run our lives” declarations, James’ campaign will focus on “his understanding of the economy and free markets.” He will bring his “Real Street” perspective, gleaned from a poor upbringing, to the table as well as his experience “living in this economy” as a business owner. He “understands what regulation means to his businesses.”

Positive: He only mentioned his football and broadcasting career once and that was to express his desire to progress beyond that with prospective voters.

Negative: He must reign in declarative, open-ended statements. Vietnam vet David Dewhurst’s people will probably have a lot of fun with “There’s no one who has experienced anything in life that I haven’t seen: good and bad.”

James also addressed the Mike Leach/Texas Tech scandal, sort of:

“The truth is. We stood up for our son. We protected our son. We did what any parent who understood what we knew at the time would have done,” James said. “We’ve respected Adam, the career he had at Texas Tech. Now that that is over with, the truth is going to be nailed home.”

We’re awaiting eagerly his ruminations on foreign affairs.

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