2011-2012 NBA Predictions Go Here

2011-2012 NBA Predictions Go Here


2011-2012 NBA Predictions Go Here

The NBA season begins Sunday, and since many of you will be off the web the next few days doing last minute Christmas shopping, this seems like a good time to post NBA predictions. (We already did an NBA A-to-Z.) Keeping in mind the season is only 66 games and Dwight Howard hasn’t been traded yet … here goes:

Playoff teams in the East:
1. Miami Heat
2. Chicago Bulls
3. New York Knicks
4. Boston Celtics
5. Indiana Pacers
6. Philadelphia 76ers
7. Washington Wizards
8. Milwaukee Bucks

Where’s Orlando? I think Dwight Howard will be traded sooner rather than later.
Where’s Atlanta? Don’t like the backcourt. But I always think Atlanta will flop. Usually, the Hawks prove me wrong.
Where’s New Jersey? I don’t think they’ll get Dwight Howard. I think he’ll go to the Lakers, which is why I have them so high in the West.

Playoffs: Miami over Milwaukee, Chicago over Washington, New York over Philadelphia, Indiana over Boston (!)
2nd round: Miami over Indiana, New York over Chicago (Yes, I’m buying into Baron Davis and a cast of characters in the backcourt!)
ECF: Miami over New York in 6

Playoff teams in the West:
1. LA Clippers
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Dallas Mavericks
4. LA Lakers
5. Memphis Grizzlies
6. San Antonio Spurs
7. Golden State Warriors
8. Portland Trailblazers

Where’s Denver? Should have them 7th, but I always like the Warriors (well, as long as Stephen Curry is there).
Where’s Minnesota? One year away.

Playoffs: Clippers over Blazers, Thunder over Warriors, Mavericks over Spurs, Lakers over Grizzlies
2nd round: Clippers over Lakers, Thunder over Mavericks
ECF: Clippers over Thunder in 7

Yes, I’m completely going all-in on Chris Paul and the Clippers. He guided decent Hornets’ teams to the playoffs, and now he’s got talent around him. The Clippers are young and vibrant; the Lakers, Mavs and Spurs are all much older. I am greatly looking forward to Chris Paul vs. Russell Westbrook in a 7-game series.

In the finals, I’ll take the Heat over the Clippers in 6.

MVP: Kevin Durant
Scoring leader: Carmelo Anthony
Rookie of the Year: Kemba Walker, Charlotte

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