Mike Martz Resigns In Chicago

Mike Martz Resigns In Chicago


Mike Martz Resigns In Chicago

Hours after GM Jerry Angelo was fired in Chicago, Mike Martz has resigned due to what Dan Pompei calls “philosophical differences.” Let’s read between the lines here. Angelo brought Martz on board as the offensive coordinator and acquired Jay Cutler. The Bears had missed the playoffs each of the previous three seasons, and Lovie was probably told to play nice with Martz.

In Chicago, though, other than Cutler, the offense didn’t have the pieces to run the offense that Martz desires. The tackles couldn’t hold up without help. The receivers were pedestrian. Each season started with Cutler taking sacks. The offense adapted–and I’m sure the credit for that depends on who you talk to–and played better late by doing some non-Martzian things (more protection from extra blockers, quicker routes, more runs). Then, when Cutler got hurt, it fell apart.

I’m a Martz fan, I suppose, though I’ve soured a little on his inability to use Greg Olsen in the offense effectively before he was traded away. I think he put together some pretty good offenses and even managed to squeeze lemonade out of Detroit a few years ago and produce a big season with Roy Williams. This move had been rumored for a while. Lovie was grating at the questions about Martz future last week, but clearly the relationship between the two had soured. If Martz hadn’t resigned, he was likely to be let go. Now, only Lovie remains. Will he survive? I guess it depends on the new GM, but I’m guessing he is the surviving member of a triangle that wasn’t on the same page philosophically.

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