BCS Title Game: Inconclusive Alabama Win Could See AP Voters Defect For LSU

BCS Title Game: Inconclusive Alabama Win Could See AP Voters Defect For LSU


BCS Title Game: Inconclusive Alabama Win Could See AP Voters Defect For LSU

The Coaches Poll is obligated contractually to vote the BCS title game winner No. 1, however voters in the AP poll are not. It’s conceivable AP voters could still award the title to LSU based on their more impressive resume after an inconclusive Alabama win in the BCS title game, leaving the first split decision since 2003 when LSU and USC shared the title.

LSU beat Rose Bowl-winner Oregon at a neutral site, Orange Bowl-winner West Virginia in Morgantown. beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa and won the SEC title game. Many might argue they’ve already done enough to prove themselves the best team. One-loss Alabama edged in ahead of one-loss Oklahoma State with the less damning loss. Though, the Cowboys beat seven SRS top 25 teams during the regular season. Alabama beat just one, Arkansas. Counting postseason wins, OSU would have an 8-2 advantage.

Forty-four of the 60 AP voters responded to a survey. Eleven voters stressed they would have no doubts about voting for a victorious Alabama. Though, three expressed their intentions to vote for LSU regardless and a number of others have left the possibility open. Same may even consider voting Oklahoma State ahead of either team after an Alabama win.

We’re not going to delve into propriety here, as we find the prospect of awarding a championship based on a media members popularity contest silly. We’ll just point out that the BCS has again failed to match up a clear top two teams, its primary task. That hasn’t happened since 2005 when the BCS lucked out with both USC and Texas being the only teams to finish the season undefeated. If it does happen, it is only by coincidence.

2011: LSU (13-0), Alabama (11-1), Oklahoma State (11-1)

2010: Auburn (13-0), Oregon (12-0), TCU (12-0)

2009: Alabama (13-0), Texas (13-0), Cincinnati (12-0), TCU (12-0), Boise State (13-0)

2008: Oklahoma (12-1), Florida (12-1), USC (11-1), Utah (12-0)

2007: Ohio State (11-1), LSU (11-2), Virginia Tech (11-2), Oklahoma (11-2), USC (10-2)

2006: Ohio State (12-0), Florida (12-1), Michigan (11-1)

This year’s BCS title game will not settle the question, it may obfuscate it further. Whether it’s a change to the formula, an expanded competition or, preferably, both. Change is needed.

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