Cocky Kobe Bryant is the Best Kobe Bryant

Cocky Kobe Bryant is the Best Kobe Bryant


Cocky Kobe Bryant is the Best Kobe Bryant

As I’ve written many times on this site, I haven’t liked Kobe Bryant since he ran Shaq out of LA and ruined one of the greatest 1-2 punches the NBA has ever seen. But Kobe’s getting ornery in his old age, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the combative attitude he’s put on display the last few weeks. He’s always had a habit of flashing a wry grin after a slick remark, but lately, said remarks have had much more bite than usual.

After he dropped 47 Tuesday against Phoenix, Kobe took a comical jab at some list ESPN compiled in the offseason: “Not bad for the seventh-best player in the league.”

Kobe went for 40 against the Jazz Wednesday. Noted rival Raja Bell went back-and-forth with Kobe all night. Kobe needed 31 shots to score 40 points, which Bell noted to reporters after the game. Shot back Kobe: “He can’t stop me. He knows that. But he’s good enough to make it interesting.”

Does the divorce – with no prenup – have Kobe permanently salty?

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