Bernie Fine's 4th Accuser: I Lied

Bernie Fine's 4th Accuser: I Lied


Bernie Fine's 4th Accuser: I Lied

You mean to tell me a burglar who was robbing homes to support a drug habit and will spend 16 years-to life in jail lied? From the Post-Standard:

The fourth man to accuse former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of sexually molesting him said Friday that he lied and Fine never abused him as a child.

State prison inmate Floyd “David” VanHooser said he lied to police and news reporters to get back at the coach who helped raise him because Fine did not hire a lawyer for him to fight his most recent criminal conviction.

I’m going to need a moment to pick my jaw up from the floor. So there’s serious doubt about the third accuser, and now the 4th accuser has admitted to lying. The first two accusers have been found credible, and they’re suing the school. Everyone got that?

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