Jim Caldwell Might Not Get Fired? That Can't Be Right. Right?

Jim Caldwell Might Not Get Fired? That Can't Be Right. Right?


Jim Caldwell Might Not Get Fired? That Can't Be Right. Right?

Mildly shocking news trickling out of Indianapolis: The Colts are expected to have a press conference tomorrow or Wednesday to announce … wait for it … Jim Caldwell, the coach who started 0-13 without Peyton Manning, and finished 2-14, will be retained. At least that’s what Mike Chappell of the Indy Star thinks. Trying to decipher the thoughts of owner Jim Irsay, Chappell writes:

A few things that struck me was he still believes in continuity if at all possible and he mentioned this can’t be a popularity contest. The latter seemed to refer to the possibility of a decision on Caldwell not being popular with the fan base, but the right thing to do for the organization. We’ll see. Again, I expect a decision Tuesday or Wednesday and I expect Colts Nation to be upset by it.

I read this and immediately texted Jason Lisk. For the first time, Lisk used an exclamation mark in a text message. (All he wrote was, Wow!)

I’m not the biggest Caldwell basher – if not for JC resting starters in the 2nd half of a pivotal game against the Jets late in the 2009 season, New York doesn’t make the playoffs – but I just don’t see how anyone in Indy could be remotely thrilled about this decision. Caldwell went to a Super Bowl in his first year, but that was all Peyton Manning. In Caldwell’s second year, with an aging team, he was outfoxed in a playoff game by Rex Ryan (Chappell blamed the loss on poor kick coverage when Antonio Cromartie ran a kickoff back 46 yards in the final minute to set up the game-winning field goal; agree to disagree.). In year three, Peyton Manning didn’t play a snap and the old Colts looked clueless.

Wouldn’t Irsay at least put out feelers to potential candidates before deciding to keep Caldwell? Wouldn’t quality, experienced coaches be lining up to coach Andrew Luck?

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