Jim Irsay Calls Peyton Manning a Politician

Jim Irsay Calls Peyton Manning a Politician


Jim Irsay Calls Peyton Manning a Politician

This week, Peyton Manning talked to Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star about dealing with all the change in the Colts’ building. He used the term “eggshells” to describe the facility, and talked about a brief meeting with the new GM – it sounded like Manning was coming to grips with going elsewhere.

Well, after the press conference for new coach Chuck Pagano, owner Jim Irsay had some comments of his own to Bob Kravitz. Irsay did not care for Manning’s comments.

“I don’t think it’s in a good interest to paint the horseshoe in a negative light, I really don’t,” Irsay said. “He’s such a big part of that and everything else, but the horseshoe always comes first.

Irsay also called Manning “a politician” and said that Manning should know to “keep it in the family.” This, from the wealthy friend of Rob Lowe, who frequently tweets out information and is the most public owner in the league, and who presided over an organization that was frequently leaking information about Manning’s health status throughout the season. Sounds like this one is already going off the rails, and Manning will keep it in another family soon enough.

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