The NFL is Worried About Super Bowl L Being Associated With Losers

The NFL is Worried About Super Bowl L Being Associated With Losers


The NFL is Worried About Super Bowl L Being Associated With Losers

We’re a few seasons away from the 50th Super Bowl – a.k.a. Super Bowl L. This worries the NFL because the letter L is the universal sign for LOSER! The NFL is looking for a way to distance itself from such negative imagery, lest they be considered a bunch of L-7 weenies. From My FOX DC:

The sign has perpetuated in movies and TV shows since at least the 1990s. Most recently, the symbol was featured in promotional materials for “Glee” and has become something like a secret handshake for “Gleeks” since the show’s 2009 premiere.

The gesture is so universal that some brand experts believe the 50th Super Bowl might emphasize those pleasingly round Arabic numerals more than the traditional Roman ones.

“Brand expert.” There’s a pointless title I’d love to put on my resume between “blogger” and “degree in public communications.” Come on. You can officially file this under “First World Problems.”

Here’s an idea: Switch permanently to the Arabic numbers. If you’re going to number something, use real ‘Merican numbers. Roman numerals are fun and everything, but who cares? The NFL’s regular season and playoffs do fairly well ratings-wise without mystical Roman numerals.

It’s not like you have ever heard anyone say, “Man, I hope this game is as good as Super Bowl X-L-I-I-I!” People either reference the “Cardinals – Steelers Super Bowl,” or if they have a decent memory, refer to it as “Super Bowl 43.” In fact, the NFL’s own website refers to that game as Super Bowl 43. The only time the Roman numerals are even mentioned is in the logo for the game.If we’re ready for a poorly used instant replay system, we’re certainly ready to switch our Super Bowls to regular American numerals. People aren’t going to stop gambling or watching or buying chicken wings.

By the same logic, if the Roman numerals are so traditional and important, who cares if they use “Super Bowl L?” The National Football League doesn’t employ a graphic designer who can come up with a nice design for Super Bowl L? Here’s a freebie – “Super BowL.” You’re welcome. I’ll see you at Super Bowl 58008.

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