Light Really Does Make Fast- A Firsthand Look at the New ADIDAS Rush

Light Really Does Make Fast- A Firsthand Look at the New ADIDAS Rush

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Light Really Does Make Fast- A Firsthand Look at the New ADIDAS Rush


All athletes run.  Whether you’re strictly a runner, trying to emulate Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin on the basketball court or just a “weekend warrior” (I’m in this category), running is part of every sport and training regimen.

As a high school athlete, I ran to train for basketball and baseball seasons.  In college, I ran to stay in shape and to prepare for intramural sports.  At 25, I’ve logged a lot of miles culminating in the 2010 NYC Marathon.  I now run to keep in shape and clear my mind but most importantly, to constantly improve as an athlete.

As a competitor, I am always looking for an edge – the next innovation that will help improve my speed and training for my weekend football and basketball leagues.  So naturally I was excited after opening up my new adizero Rush running shoes. I opted for my personal favorite color combo, a bright orange that can’t be missed out on the pavement, trail or gym.

After switching out the white laces with the already supplied blue version, I was ready to give the adizero Rush shoes a test run.  Following a quick warm-up, I hit the ground running for a five mile run that included some hill work.  Immediately, I noticed that these are the lightest shoes I have ever worn.  Throughout the years, I have switched from one running shoe to another, but I have never experienced a shoe that feels as close to my foot as the Rush.  Throughout that first run, my feet felt close to the ground resulting in a smooth stride and rhythm.  Before I knew it, I had flown up the dreaded hill and returned home. Not only are the adizero Rush the lightest shoes I’ve owned, but they also have some “swag” about them that added a little fun to my run.

The adizero Rush may not turn me into Derrick Rose on the basketball court or land me a date with supermodel Kate Upton, but they will undoubtedly help me train ( in the famous words of rapper Kayne West) “better, faster, stronger” and look good while doing it!

The adizero Rush is available now for $100 at and retailers nationwide. For more information, visit

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