New Stadium Bill for Minnesota Vikings Does Not Eliminate a Move to Los Angeles Yet

New Stadium Bill for Minnesota Vikings Does Not Eliminate a Move to Los Angeles Yet


New Stadium Bill for Minnesota Vikings Does Not Eliminate a Move to Los Angeles Yet

The Governor of Minnesota and the Minnesota Vikings have announced a new proposal for a football stadium to replace the Metrodome and be built upon the site of the existing stadium. Under the proposal, construction will require only one year in a different stadium (at TCF Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Gophers and the place they played the Bears right after the dome roof collapsed).

Of course, despite all the grandstanding and conversation this morning, this is still a political move. It’s a move by a Governor and the team to put pressure on the legislature, which still must approve the proposal, one that the Governor calls the “People’s Stadium”. (Because the people will pay a lot for it, I assume).

The proposal is for a $975 million dollar stadium, of which the state of Minnesota is contributing 398 million, the city of Minneapolis another 150 million, and the Vikings 427 million, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

According to Dan Wiederer of the Star-Tribune, the stadium will be modeled after Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and he provided the picture of an artist’s rendering of the stadium via his Twitter account (left).

Of course, the devil is always in the details, and with projects like these cost overruns are commonplace. How those overruns will be divided, and who is responsible, will be key issues.

As Rachel Stassen-Berger notes, the “There are serious doubts about any Vikings stadium deal from both governing bodies. Backers said they would immediately start wooing lawmakers, who have said they cannot give any idea a specific vote until they got the plan.” That’s a far cry from the tone today. This is a move to put pressure on that legislature, to talk about job creation, and to create public expectation that it is done.

The real milestone, though, will be when the legislature members have a chance to review the details of a proposal and not a press release. Until then, we still cannot say that the Vikings to Los Angeles is dead, or that the new stadium is happening.

[photo via @stribdw, US Presswire]

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