Project X Review: The Most Epic Party Ever

Project X Review: The Most Epic Party Ever

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Project X Review: The Most Epic Party Ever


The easiest way to describe Project X is to call it a cross between Superbad and Cloverfield. Project X is one of those fancy “found footage” movies that are being beaten into the ground lately. It follows the same basic idea of Superbad (3 high school losers want to get laid at a party, bro!), but without a great script. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The first 15 minutes of the film involve the three friends planning the party. It goes through every beat from the trailer. You meet all the “important” people – the cute female best friend, the neighbor, the drug dealer, the parents, the dog, the hottest girl in school, the douche bag and the college guy who is back in town.

Then the party starts.

The party gets out of hand quickly and doesn’t slow down. It becomes more and more epic and outrageous. Project X combines every high school party urban legend you have ever heard. Hundreds, then thousands of people. Drugs. The dog gets high. Girls start taking off their clothes. Everybody is banging everybody. There’s a 40 foot bong. People are jumping off the roof. The cops show up. Everything in the house gets destroyed and OH MY GOD NOT MY DAD’S CAR! HE LOVES THAT CAR!

Project X was inspired by Corey Worthington, the jackass from Australia with the stupid outfit who wouldn’t take off his sunglasses a few years back. Remember him? Well if Worthington was more annoying and less of a tool and he threw his party at his best friend’s house, this is what it would have looked like on steroids.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Project X.

Found footage is a blessing and a curse. Early in the film they establish that they hired a guy from A.V. club to record everything, but they don’t plan to put it online. There are shots of people that make no sense, no matter how many iPhones are at this party. You have to suspend disbelief. It’s like watching The Office or Modern Family. There’s no reason for those cameras to be there and they only pay attention to them when it serves the story.

In the end, Project X is enjoyable and probably worth a viewing if the trailer appeals to you. If it looks like a stupid YouTube video, you can skip it. The movie gives you everything it promises: loud music, destruction, violence and lots of topless 18-year-old girls. Sounds like a good party. I wish I’d been there, but at least I get to watch the videos.

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