No, the Jets Don't Need Peyton Manning

No, the Jets Don't Need Peyton Manning


No, the Jets Don't Need Peyton Manning

Cross the Jets off Peyton Manning’s potential destination. Shouldn’t happen. Shouldn’t even be discussed. But since navel-gazing columnists like Gary Myers exist, let’s quickly extinguish this fire with a simple response:

Why give up on Mark Sanchez so soon? Nobody was ready to get rid of him after the Jets made the AFC title game in 2010; ditto 2011. In year three his stats actually went up, but he played poorly down the stretch and they missed the playoffs. But it was a joint effort of suck, combined with petulant receivers (thank goodness Burress is leaving), a clueless offensive coordinator, a shaky offensive line, no running game, and an increasingly bad defense.

There’s no point in going down the Brett Favre road again. It was a disaster in 2008, and Favre’s the reason they traded up to get Sanchez in the first place. I haven’t wavered in my thoughts on Sanchez: Give the guy one more year under a new offensive coordinator. If he doesn’t show improvement in 2012, then it’s time to make a move.

I also suggest reading this column from Ian O’Connor. It makes infinitely more sense than the Myers one linked above.

Peyton making New York a 2-Manning city would be an awful idea.

Cold weather instead of a climate-controlled dome. Pounty receiver. Shaky offensive line. Facing Belichick twice. Offensive coordinator who likes to run the football. The Jets aren’t Peyton Manning away from getting back to an AFC title game. They need a safety, a linebacker, a right tackle (still can’t believe they locked up Hunter), a running back, and another receiver. The only Colt I want is Pierre Garcon.

Peyton Manning-to-the-Jets makes zero sense.

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