John Infante is Retiring the Bylaw Blog

John Infante is Retiring the Bylaw Blog


John Infante is Retiring the Bylaw Blog

In news that will be sad for college sports writers (and fellow compliance officers), John Infante is terminating the Bylaw Blog, with a final blog post on April 7.

The now Colorado State compliance officer started the blog covering NCAA issues anonymously in 2009, before revealing his identity and, eventually, reviving the blog on the NCAA’s website. With Yahoo! writers notching their shillelaghs on a near-weekly basis, Infante’s insight has become an indispensable resource. He has even been called in to consult for the likes of Mark Cuban.

His issues seem to be conflicts with his day job and not being able to express his opinions fully, while working for a school and writing for the NCAA’s website.

“I think I’ll probably have something out there, but I don’t know when or in what capacity it will return,” he says. “I still enjoy doing it, and I think some of the issues I was facing on the NCAA’s Web site will be mitigated if it’s anywhere else.”

Whether he’s the one to do it or not, Infante would like to see a site where someone curates news, analysis, and commentary on NCAA compliance issues. His model would be John Gruber, author of Daring Fireball, a lively blog about Apple and other tech news.

“He has strong opinions and he’s not afraid to say them, and he does his best to back them up with fact,” says Infante, who shares his opinion more in tweets than in his essay-like posts on the Bylaw Blog.

Hoping Infante will be back in long-form with us soon and that it will be unfettered at a media site.

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