"NFL Scout" Thinks There Are Five QBs in the 2012 Draft Better Than Cam Newton

"NFL Scout" Thinks There Are Five QBs in the 2012 Draft Better Than Cam Newton


"NFL Scout" Thinks There Are Five QBs in the 2012 Draft Better Than Cam Newton

We’re still a few weeks from the 2012 NFL Draft. This period – from now until the week the players descend upon New York – is also known as the time when Everyone Says Really Stupid Things Trying to Create a Storyline.

Witness this:

“I think there’s five [Quarterbacks] that are better than any of them last year,” said one of the two scouts I talked to over the weekend about the quarterback class.

Want to say Andrew Luck is better than Cam Newton? I would listen to that argument. RG3? No. Ryan Tannehill? Hell no. Brandon Weedon – whom I like a lot – and Kirk Cousins? Get the fuck out. No, really, get the fuck out.

But wait, there’s more lunacy!

One of the scouts said [Luck & Griffin] are elite prospects, better than the Eli Manning-Philip Rivers-Ben Roethlisberger class that went Nos. 1, 4 and 11, respectively in the ’04 draft and that has won four Super Bowls combined.

Right. After eight years in the NFL, what are the chances Luck & Griffin have one Super Bowl trip?

Hey, only three more weeks of this garbage.

My favorite (almost never-told) RG3 story – Baylor led lowly Texas Tech 31-28 at the half last season. RG3 sat out the 2nd half with a concussion. His backup, Nick Florence, came off the bench to go 9-for-12 for 151 yards and two TDs, plus ran for another. Baylor scored 66 points. Big 12 offenses and defenses … gotta love ’em. My stance on RG3 remains the same – good QB, I’d draft him in the Top 10, but there’s no way I would have given up what Washington did to get him.

Luck, RGIII best QB prospects in years [Green Bay Press-Gazette]

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