Ballin': When Can We Officially Begin to Worry About the Miami Heat?

Ballin': When Can We Officially Begin to Worry About the Miami Heat?


Ballin': When Can We Officially Begin to Worry About the Miami Heat?

Boston 115, Miami 107: Nice win for the Celtics on the road. At this rate, Boston could actually pass the Pacers for the 3rd spot in the East. At what point do we stop talking about the Heat cruising through the end of the regular season and start worrying about the playoffs? They let the Celtics shoot 60 percent and probably lost any shot at overtaking Chicago for the No. 1 seed in the East. Boston is an impressive 18-7 since the All-Star break, and that includes two wins over Miami. The highlights, though, belonged to the Heat.

Dallas 110, Sacramento 100: It took Brandan Wright a few years, but he’s finally found an offense in which he can produce. Throw it up near the rim and the former UNC Tar Heel will throw it down. He never really developed an offensive game to match his athleticism, but tell that to his bank account.

Philadelphia 107, New Jersey 88: Iguodala dunked, Lou beat the buzzer, and the bench scored 62 points to get the 76ers back in the 7th spot in the East.

Chicago 98, New York 86: The minutes tally, which is something you should keep in mind when the Knicks take the floor against Milwaukee tonight – 39 for Carmelo Anthony (29 points), 37 for Tyson Chandler, 34 for Iman Shumpert. Chicago’s bench had as many offensive rebounds (5) as the Knicks team did. That’ll be the Knicks major problem against the Bulls in the playoffs, assuming that matchup happens.

Washington 93, Orlando 85: The short-handed Magic – no D12, Hedo or Duhon – fell apart in the 4th quarter and suffered a damaging loss to one of the worst teams in the league.

Cleveland 103, Charlotte 90: Amazingly, there were two highlights from this game. And both belonged to the Bobcats, who have lost 13 in a row. Check the hang-time from rookie Kemba Walker (20 points). Lester Hudson continues to titillate for the Cavs – 25 points, eight rebounds, six assists off the bench.

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