Rex Ryan Says No to HBO's Hard Knocks

Rex Ryan Says No to HBO's Hard Knocks


Rex Ryan Says No to HBO's Hard Knocks

Rex Ryan wants no part of HBO’s Hard Knocks series this summer, after having done the show two years ago. According to Adam Schein of Fox Sports, Jets owner Woody Johnson wants to do the show again for more exposure. Schein also reports that the Broncos, an obvious target because of the Manning acquisition, have already told the program they are not interested.

The show’s next target is a joint effort involving Baltimore and San Francisco, focusing on the Harbaugh brothers. Then, there is perhaps the funniest nugget: “The Jacksonville Jaguars, ranked last in the latest Harris Interactive Poll for league popularity, have told HBO they would love to do the show.” Don’t call us, Jacksonville, we’ll call you.

If San Francisco and Baltimore are not interested as well, how many teams will they have to go to before they get to Jacksonville? Here are my guesses about the next targets, though whether these teams would say yes is questionable.

1. Indianapolis– the owner is a character, and they would have Andrew Luck and the “how do they deal with rebuilding after Manning” storyline.

2. Washington– the big trade to get Robert Griffin, Daniel Snyder is a lightning rod, and Mike Shanahan would be colorful. Literally.

3. Detroit– young up and coming team, plenty of story lines from last year, some off the field incidents this offseason.

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