Former Lions Draft Pick Charles Rogers Threatened To Kill His Mother Over $100,000

Former Lions Draft Pick Charles Rogers Threatened To Kill His Mother Over $100,000


Former Lions Draft Pick Charles Rogers Threatened To Kill His Mother Over $100,000

Remember Charles Rogers from Michigan State? He was one of the multiple wide receiver wash-outs the Detroit Lions wasted high draft picks on towards the beginning of the 21st Century. Well, Rogers is finally making headlines again. The 30-year-old allegedly threatened to kill his mother over $100,000 he gave her back when he had money.

A multiple-page report written by a Michigan State Police trooper lays out how Rogers, 30, and his uncle, 51-year-old Ronie Rogers, came to face misdemeanor charges of making a malicious phone call to Cathy Rogers and conspiring to commit that crime March 5 and March 6.

How about some of the colorful details?

Cathy Rogers told the trooper that her son then returned her call and began threatening her and demanding that she mind her own business, the report states. Cathy Rogers said that she then received a voicemail from Ronie Rogers, a voicemail from Debbie Rogers, and several voicemails from Charles Rogers, the report states.

The police report states that in a voicemail to his mother, Charles Rogers threatened to “blow her mouth out” and said that he was willing to do “the time” he would face as a result. The trooper wrote that she listened to the voicemail messages and that Charles Rogers identified himself.

Before you rush to judgement, know that this is likely a conspiracy.

Ronie Rogers told The Saginaw News that he believes Cathy Rogers “edited” both Charles Rogers’ and Ronie Rogers’ voicemail messages, either combining multiple messages together or taking portions out of context.

Luckily, Rogers already had a court date.

In addition to the charges from that incident, Charles Rogers is charged with possessing marijuana, possessing an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license Dec. 2 at South Fayette and Dearborn in Saginaw.

When you talk about the biggest busts in NFL history, Charles Rogers has to be part of the discussion. Rogers was the #2 overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft. He played 15 games in three seasons with the Lions before being released. He lost the majority of his signing bonus and never played in the NFL again.

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