Alex Morgan Happy Playing Soccer in Seattle With Boyfriend Servando Carrasco

Alex Morgan Happy Playing Soccer in Seattle With Boyfriend Servando Carrasco


Alex Morgan Happy Playing Soccer in Seattle With Boyfriend Servando Carrasco

It has been less than a year since Alex Morgan entered our lives during the Women’s World Cup. For Servando Carrasco of the Seattle Sounders, it’s been four  years since Alex Morgan entered his life. Carrasco and Morgan met as freshmen at Cal and have been dating ever since. When Morgan became a superstar last summer, the two were able to deal with her being stardom while he was still just a professional soccer player. A single conversation saved their relationship. From the Seattle Times:

“We talked about the attention I was getting and the interviews he was having to do about me, which I can understand would get frustrating,” Morgan said Wednesday night before a Sounders Women’s practice. “We had that one conversation and ever since then, it’s been fine.

Here’s how I like to think the conversation went:
Alex Morgan: “You OK with us still dating now that I’m super famous?”
Servando Carrasco: “Yeah, because you’re still really pretty.”
Alex Morgan: “Cool.”

But how would they remain close while they were professional soccer players in different cities? Fate!

After the domestic Women’s Professional Soccer league folded, Carrasco started lobbying for Morgan to come to Seattle and play for the Sounders Women. They could be together, he said, and wear the same jerseys. They could watch each other’s games.

It was a lucky collision of circumstances. Carrasco ran the idea past the team’s general manager, Amy Carnell. It was too good to pass up. This season, five U.S. national team members — Megan Rapinoe, Stephanie Cox, Sydney Leroux, Hope Solo and Morgan — are playing for the Sounders’ W-League team amid their preparation for the Olympics.

“It kind of came out of the blue,” Carrasco, 23, said. “We’re fortunate to be together now. We never thought this was a possibility.”

Carrasco must have been really persuasive to convince the general manager to sign one of the 12 best female soccer players in America. Turns out Morgan and her USWNT teammates are good for ticket sales as well. With the Olympics coming, Morgan will likely ascend back to super stardom for a couple months. Let’s hope Carrasco can continue to deal.

[Seattle Times via @GrantWahl]

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