Just When You Think QB Records Don't Matter in Football ...

Just When You Think QB Records Don't Matter in Football ...


Just When You Think QB Records Don't Matter in Football ...

… ESPN’s newest hire, Bill Polian – formerly of the Colts – comes out and says:

“In many respects, you’re going to be asking him to carry your team in the NFL,” Polian told FOXSports.com. “If he can’t carry his team at the collegiate level, which is quite a bit lower in terms of the level of competition, what makes you think he can do it at this level?”

But wait, didn’t the media and all the stat guys determine QB records were meaningless? I could have sworn when Mark Sanchez went 4-2 in road playoff games in two years with the Jets, anyone who deigned to mention the record and Sanchez in the same sentence was tarred and feathered.

So what’s Polian talking about? How come Alex Marvez of FOX didn’t ask him, What about Jay Cutler’s 11-35 record at Vanderbilt? Or Matt Cassell’s 0-0 mark at USC? Matt Hasselbeck only went 8-14 at Boston College. Josh Freeman at Kansas State? Fourteen wins, 18 losses.

Let’s put aside the obvious – a QB is only as good as his offensive line, backs and receivers (and defense, too).

But as for the winning record … does competition matter? Matt Schaub went 17-13 at UVA. What happens if you look deeper into his college career (I didn’t) and find five of his wins were against low D1 cupcakes? What does that mean? What about QBs who are wildly successful in college – David Greene went 42-10 at Georgia and was a 3rd round pick who did nothing in the pros; Matt Leinart went 37-2 at USC and was taken in the first round but has done nothing – and flop in the pros? Then what?

Polian is a bright football mind, obviously. But I’m a bit puzzled as to what he’s talking about.

Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill, a likely 1st round pick who might sneak into the Top 10, went 6-6 as a starter in 2011. I hope the Jets get Kellen Moore – 49-3 at Boise State – as an undrafted free agent.

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