Mark Titus Absolutely Destroyed Evan Turner of the 76ers in His Book

Mark Titus Absolutely Destroyed Evan Turner of the 76ers in His Book


Mark Titus Absolutely Destroyed Evan Turner of the 76ers in His Book

Mark Titus – aka, Club Trillion – recently wrote a book about his time at the end of the Ohio State bench, and the part that will get the most pickup is what Titus wrote about Big Ten Player of the Year and future No. 2 pick of the 76ers, one-time teammate Evan Turner. The gory details, from CSN Philly:

In his book, he wrote that Turner — whom he dubbed “The Villain” when they were teammates — was “weird” and “the epitome of a guy who couldn’t take a joke” and that Turner “tried to fight (him) no less than three times and actually threw punches on one of those.”

Titus also wrote that Turner was “insecure, socially feebleminded, possibly bipolar, and often callous perfectionist who had all the talent in the world, who lacked self-confidence and the ability to trust in anybody around him” but beyond that was “actually one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet when he wanted to be.” And, he added, the two of them “fully respect one another and more often than not get along.”

Ouch. Turner – so far – seems to be taking it well. He told CSN Philly:

“One thing about that book — he forgot the part where I skin puppies for Cruella de Vil” …“I don’t even worry about it. … He made a book based on him being an angel. It’s like, no way. I was just like, this kid is crazy. I text-messaged him and said, ‘All due respect, if you really believe that’s how it happened, you need to mature.’“

“You accept Mark for Mark,” he said. “I laugh at him, but I’ve got enough stuff to worry about without some guy telling stories to make money. You expect that from Titus, you know? When you accept somebody for who they are, you don’t get mad. He’s one of those guys who likes attention, so he started the blog, (and) he writes a book or whatever to keep the attention on him. You understand that’s what he likes, and that’s what keeps him going. That’s Mark, you know? … I love him for who he is. I don’t get mad at that type of stuff.”

And … now it’s time for Titus to fire back on Grantland, right? [CSN Philly via Dan Wolken]

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