Where will you be when your team is on the clock?

Where will you be when your team is on the clock?


Where will you be when your team is on the clock?

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By Ryan Bonini

The big top is up and the agenda has been set. Tonight, the NFL will gather everyone’s attention, as the 2012 NFL Draft begins and each team has a new hope that the incoming additions will become steady playmakers for years to come.

Thirty-two selections will make up the first round tonight, as the Indianapolis Colts kick off the show.  Speaking of playmakers, they are in need of finding one at quarterback after the release of Peyton Manning, the face of the organization for over a decade. The Colts are fully expected to call the name of Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell takes the podium to kick off the action.

There will be plenty you need to keep up with, which is why Verizon’s NFL Mobile is a tool you need to rely on.  Get live coverage, real-time Draft Tracker, Fan War Rooms, and prospect pages for all three days of the 2012 NFL Draft. It’s your very own Draft headquarters!

The Washington Redskins, who pick second overall after working out a blockbuster trade earlier this year, are also in desperate need of a quarterback capable of being the new face of the franchise. They are expected to snag Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

While the first two selections appear to be locks, things change quickly after that. When the Minnesota Vikings are on the clock with the third selection, all bets are off.

Will the Vikings trade down? Is a quarterback-starved team like the Miami Dolphins ready to move up to secure the talents of Ryan Tannehill, of Texas A&M, and make it three consecutive signal callers right off the bat?

In today’s busy world, even your love for the NFL can sometimes make it difficult to be glued to the television or internet non-stop during the next few days. You need to know how your team does and who the new players are that will help your team become a contender.

That’s what makes NFL Mobile, only from Verizon, an NFL fan’s best friend. You can get exclusive NFL Network coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft live on your phone!

Watch every pick, trade and pivotal moment as it happens with NFL Mobile, only from Verizon.  REAL-TIME ALERTS. REAL FAST.

Download now to start your draft prep! Watch the NFL Draft live coverage starting Thursday, April 26th.

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