The Redskins' Fourth Round Selection of Kirk Cousins is Bizarre

The Redskins' Fourth Round Selection of Kirk Cousins is Bizarre


The Redskins' Fourth Round Selection of Kirk Cousins is Bizarre

The Washington Redskins never keep things simple. The Redskins traded up to draft Robert Griffin with the No. 2 overall pick. With their third pick in the fourth round, they drafted another quarterback Kirk Cousins.  It’s the first time since 1967 a team has drafted two quarterbacks in the first four rounds, because it makes little sense.

Washington perhaps has a paper justification. Say they had Cousins graded out to the second round and he was far and away the best player on the board. There’s ample evidence the optimal strategy is drafting talent over need. He would provide a viable option if Griffin gets hurt. If he develops he could be flipped for far more than a fourth-round draft pick.

That said, Washington is not exactly stockpiled with talent. They had just one of the first 70 draft picks. They could have used an additional player who could contribute, especially someone with the potential to help out Griffin. There were still decent receivers and tight ends on the board.

Blonde hair. Mesmerizing eyes. Articulate. A winner. It’s sort of like adding Tebow-lite into the equation. The Redskins might be a play away from relying on Cousins. They are also a slow start from Griffin away from a quarterback controversy that completely undermines the kid worth fourth draft picks. The Redskins seem to be risking a lot of potential trouble for minimal reward. It would have been odd for the Browns to burn a mid-round pick on another running back after drafting Richardson. That would have made more sense.

Though he’ll never let it on, Cousins has to be pissed. Ideally, he would want to go somewhere to be in the mix immediately. Excepting that, he would have wanted to be groomed under an established quarterback. The absolute last situation he’d want is to be on the same team as the No. 2 overall pick at the same position.

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