Help the Knicks, Carmelo. You're the Only Hope

Help the Knicks, Carmelo. You're the Only Hope


Help the Knicks, Carmelo. You're the Only Hope

All the excitement about the Knicks in March and April? Crushed by a 33-point defeat at the hands of the Heat Saturday. The loss was demoralizing enough, but when you think about giving up a 32-2 run and losing starting shooting guard Iman Shumpert, it’s downright depressing. Oh, have I mentioned the Knicks have lost 11 playoff games in a row, and their last playoff victory came in 2001?

Carmelo needs to go beastmode – like he did in game two last year against the Celtics (42 points, 17 rebounds). Melo put them in position to win, and they might have avoided the sweep if Jared Jeffries scores a bunny in the final minute. If Melo erupts (he shot 3-of-15 in game one), LeBron has an off game (yeah, right), and Smith and Novak combine for 10 three-pointers, perhaps the Knicks can salvage the series.

I’m not nearly as optimistic as I was at the start of the series. That being said … any other Knicks fans out there wondering what might have been if they had tanked and matched up with the Bulls? Oh, New York is a 9.5-point underdog.

Elsewhere on this Ball Night:
– Watch Orlando get hot and stun Indiana again in game two. Or, they’ll shoot 3-of-25 from deep and get smoked.
– Kevin Durant vs. Dirk should be mandatory.

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