Boise State May Reject Big East to Stay in Mountain West

Boise State May Reject Big East to Stay in Mountain West


Boise State May Reject Big East to Stay in Mountain West


CBS Sports’ Brett McMurphy is reporting Boise State may rethink its plan to join the Big East in 2013. The Broncos have not notified the MWC of their intent officially, though not joining the Big East would force them to hand over a $5 million buyout fee. That would hurt, but it might be worth it.

Boise State can’t afford to join the Big East as a full member, and a WAC implosion makes it far more difficult to place their non-revenue sports. The MWC will not let Boise stay without football.

The Big East is also becoming less attractive. The new TV deal, divided about 173 ways, might not be the boon that was expected. The next postseason arrangement could leave the conference without privileged access and revenue. Boise’s non-revenue programs would be worse off and the football team might not be in a much better position than it was in the MWC.

Moreover, the Big East is unstable. West Virginia, Syracuse and Pittsburgh just left. TCU backed out. Louisville has informed the conference it wants to leave. UConn probably would like to do the same. Joining would hitch Boise State to that mess and saddle the school with a 27-month refractory period and a $10 million buyout. That might preclude Boise State say joining the Big 12 should the conference expand itself into a multi-regional death star.

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