Chris Bosh's Absence is a Problem, But Let's Briefly Discuss the Mario Chalmers Miss

Chris Bosh's Absence is a Problem, But Let's Briefly Discuss the Mario Chalmers Miss


Chris Bosh's Absence is a Problem, But Let's Briefly Discuss the Mario Chalmers Miss

A few quick thoughts on Indiana 78, Miami 75.

* Strange to see a team win a game on the road with 17 turnovers and 10 assists.
* LeBron scored 28 points, Wade scored 24 points, and then nobody had more than five. Batman and Robin scored 52 of 75 points (69 percent). They need help.
* The Heat scored 37 points in the second half. LeBron and Wade scored 31 of them.

Now, let’s get to the Mario Chalmers shot. Anyone else surprised that Spoelstra drew up a game-tying 3-point attempt for a guy who was 2-of-9 from the field, and 0-3 from deep? On the season, Chalmers was Miami’s 3rd best 3-point shooter (38 percent), behind Miller and Jones, but narrowly ahead of LeBron (36 percent) and considerably ahead of Wade (26 percent). If you want to play the percentages, Chalmers was on a cold streak – 0-1 from deep in game one, and 2-8 in the final two games of the New York series. So in the huddle, Spoelstra drew up a 3-pointer for a guy who had missed 10 of his last 12 three-pointers.

Got it. (The other side: LeBron is 0-7 from deep against Indiana; Wade hasn’t made a 3-pointer since May 3.)

As for the actual play … looks like it was a double screen for Chalmers, who would have been open if Collison left him to double LeBron. But Collison didn’t, and came flying at Chalmers. This caused Chalmers to catch, pump, dribble, and take a much tougher shot than anticipated. You can tell he isn’t square on the shot. Then he kicks his leg out to try to draw the foul (and falls down in the process, perhaps trying to sell it). In addition, Paul George (6-foot-8) came flying at Chalmers. To see the shot, fast-forward to 2:12 here:

The kicker is that Chalmers had about :04 left when he released the shot, and frankly, it was so challenged, I would have rather had LeBron jack one up. If you’re not getting a clean Paxson/Kerr type look (see below), I prefer to go down with my big guns swinging. So give me LeBron taking a bad shot over that Chalmers attempt.

This Chalmers shot was not in any way similar to John Paxson’s game-winning triple against the Suns in the 1993 NBA Finals (1:30). Paxson was wide open. Easy catch and shoot.

The Chalmers attempt also wasn’t anything like Steve Kerr’s game-winning shot in game six of the 1997 NBA Finals (:31). Jordan drew multiple defenders and Kerr was standing all alone. Again – catch and shoot. Perfectly squared up.

So on we go to Indiana. Game three is Thursday.

Love the all business attitude from David West at the end, imploring his teammates to get off the floor, no celebrating.

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