J.R. Smith of the Knicks Arrested in Miami

J.R. Smith of the Knicks Arrested in Miami


J.R. Smith of the Knicks Arrested in Miami

J.R. Smith took his warrants to South Beach. The NBA’s offseason arrests got off to a boring start Thursday as the New York reserve was picked up by police. It was originally reported that Smith was pulled over, but according to Howard Beck of the New York Times, “police saw him inside a business.” The perils of being famous … From the Miami New Times:

However a search revealed that Smith had a bench warrant out for his arrest for not having a valid driver’s license. So police booked him in to the Miami-Dade County jail shortly before midnight last night. He bonded out early this morning.

Not the best way to start a long weekend, but it doesn’t sound like this was a major violation. However, if this is how Miami police are going to treat him, he might just leave the city. That’s two cities on the East Coast that won’t have J.R. Smith to kick around anymore. Wonder if Jerry Sloan would like coaching him?

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