Safeco Field Moving in the Fences?

Safeco Field Moving in the Fences?


Safeco Field Moving in the Fences?

The Mets moved in the outfield fences at Citi Field, and the Tigers did the same at Comerica Park in 2003, and it sounds like the Mariners will finally be doing the same at Safeco Field. Here’s Mariners manager Eric Wedge talking to the Seattle Times:

“Like I’ve always said, Jack (Zduriencik) and I talk every day. Jack talks to the powers that be on a daily basis. When the season’s all said and done, we’re going to evaluate everything. I mean, everything. Both on and off the field, both in regard to the field or anything else regarding that. I’ll leave it at that.

“The longer I’m here — nothing’s going to happen this season, that’s obvious — but it does allow me to give it another four months to take a peek at it, too. I have my thoughts, of which I will not let you in on. Safe to say we will evaluate everything when the season’s done.”

“What we don’t want it to be is a crutch. There’s no excuses here. These players are young enough, and I think they’re tough enough, they can handle anything that comes their way. Having said that, they’re human. Whether it be a ball you hit right on the screws you line out to the third baseman, or one you hit you feel it’s gone and they grab it, you’re going to have human moments. I accept that.”

Have the offensive numbers changed at Citi Field? According to ESPN’s Park Factors, it was 24th in baseball in runs last year (.908). Safeco was 26th (.855). This year, Citi Field has actually dropped to 30th (.649) and Safeco remains 26th (.801).

Mariners fans and reporters seem to think a change could attract free agents, but you know what free agents like more? Money and winning. The Mariners haven’t been to the postseason since 2001 and have had as many 100-loss seasons (2) in the last five years as winning seasons.

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