Coolest Cows Ever Crash Party, Drink Beer

Coolest Cows Ever Crash Party, Drink Beer


Coolest Cows Ever Crash Party, Drink Beer

Some cows escaped from a Massachusetts farm last weekend. Turns out they just wanted to party. Stop me if you’ve herd this one before. From the Boston Globe:

“I could hear screaming coming from the back of the house. When I ran around back, a group of young adults were outside enjoying the nice weather and having a few beers,” Riter said.

“The cows chased them away from the table they were sitting at and started drinking their beers. They knocked the beer cans over with their noses started drinking beer right off the table.”

The cows had a choice between Bud Light and Miller Lite. Riter said they seemed to prefer the Bud Light.

“When they ran out of beers on the table, one of them started to forage in the recycling to see if he could find any last drops in there,” Riter said.

Damn udderclassmen. They think they can just walk in during the middle of a party and take next on the beer pong table? It would certainly behoove the people who live at that house to beef up security.


[Boston Globe, h/t: @mattisatwitnow]

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