Some People Still Hate Mike Vick

Some People Still Hate Mike Vick


Some People Still Hate Mike Vick

Mike Vick did 23 months in a federal prison after he plead guilty to a felony charge of dog fighting. He was released on July 20, 2009. It’s almost been three years since his release. The Eagles’ QB remains a lightning rod:

An act of goodwill has enraged Findlay Toyota’s Facebook audience to a point where the car dealership’s marketing department shut down its promotional page. The target of the backlash is Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick, who met with fans Friday night at the Henderson dealership.

Commenters on Findlay Toyota’s Facebook page called Vick a “dog killer” and threatened to beat him up. Others posted that they planned to boycott the car dealership for sponsoring Vick for promotional and charity events, including a May 29 youth football clinic at the Henderson International School.

In response, the dealership began deleting comments and ultimately shut down the page Friday night.

“We’re just trying to do something right for the kids and people just forget about that,” said Stephanie Bernas, marketing manager and social media director for Findlay Toyota.

My first thought: That many people “like” a car dealership on their Facebook page? Why? Who are these people? I guess the types who stage – or threaten to stage – boycotts. [Las Vegas Sun]

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