Euro 2012: Germany vs. Portugal

Euro 2012: Germany vs. Portugal


Euro 2012: Germany vs. Portugal

Germany vs Portugal. Euro 2012’s most talented team faces off against its most talented player. These teams met in the quarterfinal at Euro 2008, with the Germans earning a 3-2 win to advance. Germany has had an infusion of young talent since. Portugal? Not so much.

The Portuguese can defend, but can they score? Three of their last five matches have ended in 0-0 draws. Their one goal in their last three matches came in a 3-1 loss to Turkey. Portugal ostensibly plays without a striker. If their midfield struggles against German pressing and can’t get the ball out quickly and accurately to Ronaldo and Nani on the wings, Portugal could be in trouble.

In recent matches, Germany has had the opposite trouble. They have scored 21 goals in their last seven matches, though they gave up two to France in a February loss and five to Switzerland on May 26. That said, the Switzerland team was more of a B-team. The first XI held a clean sheet last Thursday.

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