Maybe Boxing Needs More Than Three Judges

Maybe Boxing Needs More Than Three Judges


Maybe Boxing Needs More Than Three Judges

Ken Pomeroy, known as the college basketball stats guy, has dipped a toe into the seedy world of boxing. Sounding perturbed about the Bradley/Pacquiao injustice, Pomeroy decided to randomly take the scorecards of 18 journalists, and crunch the numbers to see if they saw the fight differently than the judges:

I found 18 reporters of varying reputation that scored the fight round-by-round … Treating the judges as robots that will adhere to these percentages when judging each round, we can calculate the chances that Bradley would be judged the winner purely by random bad judging, thus answering the question posed in the title of this post.

Pacquiao wins: 99.38%
Draw: 0.59%
Bradley wins: 0.03%

Crazy result, indeed. Which is one reason why everybody’s talking about the fight being fixed. [Ken Pom]

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