Craig James is Grooming the Path For a Television Comeback

Craig James is Grooming the Path For a Television Comeback


Craig James is Grooming the Path For a Television Comeback

Craig James will not be returning to ESPN this fall, but he may be returning to your television sets. James told the Houston Chronicle that multiple networks have contacted him about his availability. He’s also examining options outside sports, where he could still kick some skunks out of the bushes, man.

“There are a couple of networks that have called to see what I am willing to do,” he said. “When I resigned in December, I went all in for politics, and I found out how many people enjoyed me as a broadcaster. James said. “They said they would miss me, and I said thank you.

“I don’t know what I am going to do. Yes, I love sports, but I also feel strongly about staying involved in fighting for public policy.”

He believes his four-month failure of a primary campaign has given him a “political platform” to translate his “broadcasting skills” to the spectrum of world affairs. Presumably he trades text messages with Washington big-wigs, or runs into them at the gym.

“I know that I am a communicator and have broadcasting skills that have taken me to the highest level,” he said. “I can do sports, but I have a political platform now. I have had folks reach out to me about that. I can talk about sports and turn my hat around and talk about what is happening with Iran, Israel, immigration, Medicare, Medicaid.”

We’ll predict he’s on a lower profile studio show by some time next season, games by fall of 2013. Big East fans should brace for impact.

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