Mark Cuban Eviscerated Skip Bayless on First Take [Video]

Mark Cuban Eviscerated Skip Bayless on First Take [Video]


Mark Cuban Eviscerated Skip Bayless on First Take [Video]

Bravo, Mark Cuban. The Mavericks’ owner went on to First Take, a show populated by people with psychology degrees, and eviscerated Skip Bayless’ inanity. Of course, we are talking about the dumb show, and it will get attention, so just get ready for more of it. The good thing about being a revisionist historian is that you can always re-write things again. Skip will never run out of things to claim, history books to re-edit, and trolls to dig out from under bridges.

Here was just one exchange:

Cuban: You guys were just saying Miami wanted it more or less, that is such horse-you know what-right? … It’s not that Oklahoma City don’t want it more, I think that Miami was better prepared to play the game in terms of adjustments and changes … but you’re saying they wanted it more, that’s ridiculous!

Bayless: Who played harder the last games? Miami did every game. LeBron played harder than Kevin Durant did the last four games.

Cuban: That is the most ridiculous thing that any sports writer has ever said.

Kudos, Mark. But you apparently haven’t listened to Bayless very much. That was nothing.

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