Jordan Staal Was Traded During His Wedding

Jordan Staal Was Traded During His Wedding


Jordan Staal Was Traded During His Wedding

Jordan Staal got married on Friday, June 22, 2012 – the same day as the NHL Draft. Personally, if half my family played in the NHL, I don’t think I would schedule my wedding on the day of the NHL Draft. Especially if I was planning on turning down a 10-year contract extension. All of that applies to Jordan Staal and that is why he found out during his wedding that he had been traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Staal said that when he and his bride, Heather, planned their wedding they had no idea that the date was also NHL draft day. They certainly didn’t realize that it would also be the day he would leave the Penguins after six seasons to join a team that has his brother, Eric, as its captain.

Just seems like something you check before booking a venue. Jordan said that the prospect of being able to play with Eric factored into his decision to turn down the contract extension. Now he doesn’t need to make that decision. Brother March Staal is a Ranger and the youngest Staal brother, Jared, plays for the Hurricanes’ AHL affiliate.

To recap, the Staal brothers were arrested after Eric’s bachelor party. Jordan got traded during his wedding. Marc didn’t have an incident surrounding his wedding, but just to be safe, when Jared settles down, maybe there should be more cameras present. [USA Today]

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