Erin Andrews Wants to Be a Reality Television Judge

Erin Andrews Wants to Be a Reality Television Judge


Erin Andrews Wants to Be a Reality Television Judge

Erin Andrews is headed to FOX. We knew that, but with each passing day a little bit more trickles out about just what exactly she will be doing there. We know that she will host a college football show on Saturdays and maybe do some sideline reporting for NFL games. Now, we learn that her real motivation for going to FOX is because she loves reality television. Apparently, Dream Job wasn’t doing it for her. From Only Gators:

AS: I’m sure you’ve seen the rumblings and reports about you auditioning for and possibly being a finalist for the hosting job on X Factor. Is that true and where in the process is that at this point.

EA: “We are really interested in trying a bunch of different things. I don’t know where they are with all of that but my goodness, it’s on FOX. I would definitely love to also try to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance? for one episode, too, because I’m obsessed with that show. We’re really open to a lot of things right now. It doesn’t even really have to be those two shows. There’s just this whole new kind of pot of gold with all these different things that are shining and sparkling. And we’re definitely excited about trying all of them – just sitting and talking to a lot of people. The most important thing for me was getting the sports contract done. I needed to get that done because that is my bread and butter – that’s where I’m most comfortable and that’s where I wanted to be. That was the biggest thing. Now that we’re going to breathe for a couple of days, we’re going to figure out where to go next.”

Yes, Erin Andrews wants to host X Factor. And So You Think You Can Dance? Her dreams are grand, her taste in television is less so. Expect to see Erin Andrews on everything FOX from here on out. Seth MacFarlane is lucky Ted was such a success last weekend or they might have put her in charge of Family Guy.


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