Amani Toomer: Tony Romo is Better Than Eli Manning

Amani Toomer: Tony Romo is Better Than Eli Manning


Amani Toomer: Tony Romo is Better Than Eli Manning

Amani Toomer, the former Giants’ wide receiver, went on Sirius radio and said Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is better than Eli Manning of the Giants, who just won the Super Bowl. Ah, the old Tony Romo is better than “X” play.

Look, Romo brings up emotions, and these two in some ways are mirror opposites, at least when it comes to the post-season. Manning has twice won a Super Bowl with teams that entered the playoffs with little expectation of achieving it. Romo’s Cowboys have gone 1-3 in the post-season.

Romo’s regular season numbers are better; Eli has the playoff success. Over the last few years, though, Eli has probably surpassed Romo and is a year younger, though it is close. Crazy, I know, to say something like that. Last year, Eli finally had an elite regular season and was a big factor in everything the Giants did, constantly leading comebacks and making big plays. Last year, it was a big deal when ESPN’s QBR had Eli as high as 7th and no other rating system did (remember, oh so long ago). It wasn’t long ago that people were skewering Eli Manning for all his interceptions and he was overrated. Now, he’s untouchable.

Of course, Amani Toomer had to play with the inferior quarterback, otherwise his career numbers would have been better. Romo and Eli, Eli and Romo. Tomato, Tom-ah-to, with differing postseason results. One was a fraud last year who happened to win a fluke Super Bowl when he wasn’t very good, and since then couldn’t finish seasons strong. Well, until he did. The other gets a chance to prove America wrong this year.

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