Curlers are the Biggest Olympic Party Animals

Curlers are the Biggest Olympic Party Animals


Curlers are the Biggest Olympic Party Animals

Curlers love to party. Shocking, I know. The New York Post published the annual “Olympians are into drunken orgies” story today. Not many new revelations, but we did learn that the thousands of condoms that are provided for Olympians feature sport-specific branding. Athletes drink and bang and eat McDonald’s. Curlers though? Curlers are the real party animals.

“If I were to reincarnate myself, I’d come back and do curling,” says [Todd]  Lodwick. “What other sport can you not be in shape for, and still be considered at top athlete?”

While curlers are held in the lowest esteem athletically, they are considered gold medalists when it comes to partying.

After the female Olympian finished competing at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, she checked out of the Village and went to stay with the curlers, who were off-site at a hotel in Whistler.

“That was a party house,” she says. “Curlers are known for drinking. The sport doesn’t require that much.”

Unfortunately, curlers will not be attending the London Olympics. In addition to their sport not being featured at the Summer Games, they choose to spend this season in Daytona Beach anyway.

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