Kyle Lowry Probably Doesn't Like You

Kyle Lowry Probably Doesn't Like You


Kyle Lowry Probably Doesn't Like You

Kyle Lowry was traded from Houston to Toronto last week as the Rockets attempt to figure out a way to land Dwight Howard. That meant letting go of the 26-year-old point guard. Toronto gets a guy who averaged 14.3 points, 6.6 assists and 4.5 rebounds last season. They also get a fiery personality who doesn’t get along with everyone – including the Raptors’ Director of Player Development, Alvin Williams who helped recruit Lowry to Villanova. From the National Post:

“Point blank: Kyle, he was an a—— when I first met him,” Williams says. “I didn’t have a great relationship with him.

“He was dismissive. He was rude. But you know what? He was focused. At that age, at that time, he thought he had to be a certain way. Being from Philadelphia, not only do they have to be tough, but they have to have that persona that they are tough.”

Lowry is not without his supporters. His mom, Marie Hollaway, for example.

“Kyle is probably one of the best people you will ever meet,” Hollaway says. “If he loves you, he loves you completely, whole-heartedly, and will do anything for you. But if he [does not] like you, it’s the same. Once you get on his bad side, that’s it.”

Apparently, Lowry did not like Alvin Williams. Now, older and wiser, we’ll see if he has any love left for him.

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