From Virtual Rings to Virtual Trophies, Mobile Fan Engagement Gets More Real

From Virtual Rings to Virtual Trophies, Mobile Fan Engagement Gets More Real


From Virtual Rings to Virtual Trophies, Mobile Fan Engagement Gets More Real

The New York based augmented reality developer Goldrun has had quite a start in creating fun engagement platforms for projects ranging from The Smurf’s Movie to the new Ice Age film . However where they have made their biggest splash is in creating a fun environment for sports fans, with a unique platform that allows anyone to virtually hold some precious cargo or wear a championship ring with a click of their smart phone. No green screen, no bulky camera, just a quick app download, a point and there you go, instant virtual memorabilia for anyone, anywhere.

The first launch that raised eyebrows was with the New York Giants, who partnered with Goldrun to give their fans a chance to “wear” their newly minted Super Bowl rings and take virtual pictures with the Giants’ Super Bowl trophy. It was a huge hit for the company and the team, as thousands downloaded the app and shot the photos which were shared time and again. It was a new, simple, free engagement platform for teams to expand their brands, and for fans to engage with the most unique of hardware…the Lombardi Trophy or a custom-designed ring by Tiffany…just as Eli Manning and Company were receiving the real ones.

Now comes Goldrun’s next step into the world of sports mixing with virtual reality, an app that will let soccer fans download the impage of the French Championship Soccer Trophy, the Trophee Des Champions, to share and pose with from now until the French “Super Cup” between Lyon and Montpellier, which will be played in New Jersey at Red Bull Arena on Saturday July 28. The match, being played in an English language country for the first time, is France’s equivalent of the Stanley Cup or The Super Bowl, and has been the traditional kickoff to the soccer season in France. This time however Goldrun went one step further, partnering with Front Row Marketing Services and NYC and Company to reward fans with a free trip to New York for the most creative placement of the trophy from anywhere around the world. A virtual trophy gets a real prize.

“We are very excited to take our services to a new global level in sport through this app with the French Cup,” said Shailesh Rao, Co-Founder, Goldrun. “We had great success partnering with the New York Giants and their ring and Super Bowl trophies this past spring, and are looking forward to now taking that type of sport app to a global audience.”

“The virtual world of fan engagement is just starting to be realized in sport, and this type of downloadable experience, with a payoff of a trip, is just a small part of what will be coming as the mobile environment gets more sophisticated in North America,” said Dennis Lee, CEO of Playup USA, a fast-growing developer of experiential real-time social apps for fans. “Sport is becoming more and more about engagement peer to peer, and there is no better way to enagage with like-minded passionate fans from around the world than in the mobile space.. It will be a great way for brands teams and athletes to share experiences, photos and video whether you are at the game or not.”

Many teams and sports properties were impressed with the Giants launch and execution as added value for their fans, and now with prizing added on a global scale, another level of execution will be lopped on to what already is becoming the next frontier for connecting and sharing experiences with others. If you can’t win the trophy yourself, officials feel, download it point and shoot and there you are, with a symbol of excellence virtually in the palm of your hand or on your desk, for all to see.

To try the virtual French Trophy go to

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