USA Today Coaches Poll: LSU is Your Team to Beat in 2012

USA Today Coaches Poll: LSU is Your Team to Beat in 2012


USA Today Coaches Poll: LSU is Your Team to Beat in 2012

Fall camp has not yet started but the USA Today Coaches Poll has emerged to set the framework for the coming college football season. Reminder that Ohio State is not eligible for the Coaches’ Poll.

1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. USC 4. Oklahoma 5. Oregon

Fair enough. There’s little separating these teams beyond personal preference. There are no teams that could have a plausible quibble about not being included. We can buy LSU, with a potential for a stable quarterback and an even better defense after last year’s 13-1 run, as this year’s pace setter.

6. Georgia 7. Florida State 8. Michigan 9. South Carolina 10. Arkansas

Georgia seems high. They may finish this high, with an easy schedule. Though one could argue they aren’t even a top 15 team. Florida State may fail to reach expectations, though, viewing them on paper, one could hardly expect less. Have to wonder which coach gave them the first place vote.  Michigan over South Carolina and Arkansas might be a tad optimistic.

11. West Virginia 12. Wisconsin 13. Michigan State 14. Clemson 15. Texas

West Virginia is no longer under the radar. The coaches have bought into Holgorsen’s crew even more than the media. They may not finish as the second best team in the Big 12, but they will not be overmatched. Not sure what the Clemson ranking is based on. Last year’s team finished abysmally. This year’s team has questions on both lines of scrimmage.

16. Nebraska 17. TCU 18. Stanford 19. Oklahoma State 20. Virginia Tech

Not to much to argue with here. Maybe Virginia Tech is a little high. We had them 24th.

21. Kansas State 22. Boise State 23. Florida 24. Notre Dame 25. Auburn

This is reasonable. Some might argue Florida and Notre Dame should be out. We would argue Florida and Notre Dame should be higher. Auburn had a very young team last year. Now they are changing both coordinators. On top of that they are generally wildly unpredictable. Doubtful they will hit the midpoint of their projection.

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