AFC East New Faces for 2012: Bigger Impact--Tim Tebow or Lauren Tannehill?

AFC East New Faces for 2012: Bigger Impact--Tim Tebow or Lauren Tannehill?


AFC East New Faces for 2012: Bigger Impact--Tim Tebow or Lauren Tannehill?

The AFC East is all about page views, and no division in football has done more to improve itself in that department. Clearly the best division in football, here are the top 10 new faces in the AFC East.

10. QB/Punt Protector Tim Tebow. I mean, Tebow has to make this list, doesn’t he? If you’ve got a chance to put a backup quarterback on, you’ve got to do it. You have to then put him 10th to lead off the discussion, so you can put him in the title.

9. WAG Lauren Tannehill, Miami Dolphins. Let’s just keep with the theme of people who are not starting quarterbacks and also generate page views. Lauren Tannehill generated so much attention that she must be one of the ten most impactful additions this offseason. I mean, the media is covering her, but who is asking about Richard Marshall?

8. WR Chad Johnson, Miami Dolphins. Miami continues to lead in splashy moves. When Jeff Ireland said that the Dolphins had a plan after trading Brandon Marshall, he meant bringing in a guy who managed less than 300 receiving yards while playing 15 games for the Patriots prolific offense. That was Ochocinco, though. This is Chad Johnson. He had 1,432 yards in the last season he played. Bargain.

7. OT Cordy Glenn, Buffalo Bills. Your anonymous offensive lineman addition. Glenn was the second round pick out of Georgia and should move into a line that had a lot of injuries last season.

6. S Laron Landry, Patriots New York Jets. Landry and his cartoonishly big arms will now go to New York and join the circus.

5. CB Stephon Gilmore, Buffalo Bills. Gilmore addresses a need in the Bills secondary, where they really struggled defending the pass (if they were not getting interceptions).

4. WR Brandon Lloyd, New England Patriots. The Patriots hope Lloyd can provide what that Johnson guy could not. A few years ago, I looked at late career breakouts at wide receiver when Lloyd was leading the league in yards. I think he is a decent gamble by the Patriots.

3. QBs Ryan Tannehill and David Garrard, Miami Dolphins. The young highly drafted quarterback with potential versus the veteran who looked like his career was done after sitting out last season. Right now, this starting battle is wide open as the two join last year’s starter at season’s end, Matt Moore.

2. DE Chandler Jones and LB Dont’a Hightower, New England Patriots. The Patriots haven’t been very good on defense recently, and last year their leading pass rusher Andre Carter got hurt (and was 32), which affected them as they headed to the postseason. Jones and Hightower should both move into the starting lineup, while increasing the number of Police Academy references.

1. DE Mario Williams, Buffalo Bills. It may not have gotten as much attention, but this may be the biggest impact signing of the offseason. An in-his-prime defensive end moving teams. If Mario can shake last year’s injury, he should become a dominant force in Buffalo playing next to Marcell Dareus.

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