NBC Will Now Live Stream the Closing Ceremonies

NBC Will Now Live Stream the Closing Ceremonies


NBC Will Now Live Stream the Closing Ceremonies

NBC Sports has been criticized for its decision not to air the Opening Ceremonies live, or at least stream it online so people who wanted to watch could do so. They also received a fair amount of critique for editing out significant portions of the Opening Ceremony, which, because of their decisions, American audiences never saw.

In a reversal today, the network has announced that it will be offering the Closing Ceremonies on a live stream (while still airing the event on tape delay on the parent network). Apparently, the Closing Ceremony is not as complex as originally believed. The full statement, via John Ourand:

“It’s part of our continuing effort to innovate, experiment and learn. This is not precedent setting, but rather another chance for us to gather data about how live streaming and television complement each other.”

I can honestly say I have never watched a Closing Ceremony–it just doesn’t have the same draw or anticipation as the Opening, and the Olympic fatigue has set in by about the last 48 hours. I just hope that when they get lower ratings for the closing, and lower numbers streaming the Closing Ceremony, they don’t view that as indicative of how people would feel about the next Opening Ceremony. (Though, with the games in 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, it should be less of an issue).

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