Tim Tebow Turns 25 Today! Happy Birthday GQ Cover Boy!

Tim Tebow Turns 25 Today! Happy Birthday GQ Cover Boy!


Tim Tebow Turns 25 Today! Happy Birthday GQ Cover Boy!

Tim Tebow turns the ripe of age of 25 today. The exceedingly chipper virgin, who will happily reside inside your television for at least the next seven months, is sure to experience an enjoyable day as every day is seemingly this young man’s birthday. GQ elected to put Tebow, a backup QB, on the cover to celebrate the NFL season.

Olympian Lolo Jones wants to sex him up — or take him to church, that was really just a shameful nod to Color Me Badd — and chances are, so does your girlfriend. Yes, Tim Tebow has lived quite the charmed life thus far and enters year 25 in New York City, the perfect backdrop to expand his overwhelmingly dominant brand. This chapter is widely expected to go comically wrong, so somehow it will all work out perfectly in his favor. Either way, Tebow will do it topless and wet while Mark Sanchez begrudgingly looks on, dreaming of the perfect interception while quietly wondering why he didn’t do that extra set of curls five minutes before his infamous GQ photo shoot.

In closing, while I wish Tim Tebow a very happy birthday, I’m pleased to share that on behalf of The Big Lead staff, we have gone ahead and purchased a My Buddy doll for the Jets backup quarterback. The reasoning is pretty simple: New York can be a tough, stressful town for a professional athlete. It’s important that Tebow knows he always has a devoted pal.

Feel free to share your thoughtful Tebow birthday gift in the comments. [Tim Tebow GQ Story]

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