Moronic Alabama Fan Pays $1,700 For Alabama Back Tattoo

Moronic Alabama Fan Pays $1,700 For Alabama Back Tattoo


Moronic Alabama Fan Pays $1,700 For Alabama Back Tattoo

Alabama fan Zack Smartt has boldly swept onto the scene this afternoon, apparently in the interest of becoming your hands down, moron of the day. While there’s still time for other contenders to storm in and make some noise, I think it’s safe to call Smartt’s stupid mission a great success.

The monstrosity of idiocy on display here before your tragically raked eyes took 10.5 hours with the tattoo needle to make this man’s back look like it’s experiencing a very bad, but memorable dream. Even better? It cost Smartt a whopping $1,700 for the “art.”

Smartt recently spoke with Busted Coverage and eloquently explained that Roll Tide is not merely a slogan, motto, or a war cry, but rather a way of life. He followed that with the obvious “ROLL TIDE FOR LIFE!!”

This one is up there in the ranks of regret with Udonis Haslem, Andre Kirlenko, and thousands of other toiling souls pleading with society for proper direction.

[via Busted Coverage]

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